miraculous ladybug

After being away from Paris for the majority of three years to attend college, Marinette discovers that things aren’t the same as when she had left. Although she thought she got over Adrien Agreste long ago, she discovers that she was wrong when she meets him face to face once more. However, the Chat Noir she remembered is no longer the same either. With a new villain on the rise and confused feelings for “two guys”, Marinette discovers that her adventures in Paris are far from over.

This fanfiction of Miraculous Ladybug is written by authors Sydney Winward and Kaitlyn Rowbotham.


Cassian d’Ambroise used to be King Louvel’s prized constable in his infantry, but when the army was ambushed because of a mistake committed by Prince Charles’ that killed every single soldier under Cassian’s leadership, Cassian decides he can no longer be a part of the infantry.

Giving up his comfortable life as constable, he disappears to live in the enchanted forest, the one place that no one will ever dare follow due to the danger that lurks within.

Years pass as he makes a living for himself as a hunter living in the forest, and one day as he travels into town to deliver his hunt of the day, he sets eyes upon a beautiful maiden, one that he later discovers is working as a slave in a dress shop. The only way he can think of to free her is to ask for her hand.


Witch of the Wiles is a sequel of To Catch a Mermaid, except this time it’s told from Cynthia Bassett’s point of view several months after the first book ends. Now that Cynthia has another chance at life, she will not waste it.

For years, Cynthia has fancied Marquess James Avery, but after James had decided to marry another two years ago, he had lost her trust. James’s wife passed away not even a year after they were married, and now that he’s finally ready to get back out there in the field of courting, perhaps he and Cynthia have a second chance at love. That is if he can get her to trust him again…

But what really happened to James’s late wife and how did she really die?


Cursed at birth, a beautiful duke’s daughter has to find love before her twenty-first birthday, even when her voice is intoxicating and her lips are poison to all men who taste.

To Catch a Mermaid stemmed from reading too many regency romance books back-to-back, one of them including Edenbrooke. If you pick it up Edenbrooke, I doubt you’ll be able to put it down like I couldn’t!

Getting back on topic, To Catch a Mermaid takes place in the regency era. Adeline Hastings is the daughter of a duke, but she’s no ordinary girl. She’s half-mermaid half-human due to a curse when she was just a baby. By her twenty-first birthday, she must marry, otherwise she will lose her late father’s fortune and be cast out on the streets. But how can she make someone fall in love with her when her words are all-encompassing and her lips are toxic?


Jelsa fans, anyone? I know I am! This idea had been festering inside my head for a long time until I finally had to get it out. Written as a co-effort between myself and a friend (each of us switching off every other chapter), Tempest was born.

Jack Frost is one of four seasons and he, like the others, has a duty to all seven realms. He is definitely the king of mischief seeing that after Alyssa (Spring) created a whole field of flowers, Jack frosted them over within minutes!

But soon, his mischevious ways are interrupted when—for the first time in many, many years—he meets someone exactly like himself. A girl with powers of ice. However, this girl isn’t who she thinks she is, and even though they shouldn’t be together, neither of them can stop the pull of fate.

Want to read the whole thing? You can find it here at!


Sparks Fly stemmed off the idea in this picture where a Mormon missionary returns home from his mission and is unknowingly roped into a relationship that he’s not sure he even wants to be in. Talk about not having a little breathing room!

rogue assassin

Akira had lost everything—her parents, her brother, and even her kingdom, so she became the one thing that would not only give her the revenge she desires, but also give her a purpose. Though, there are many other like her, people who have magical gifts, and those people are being enslaved and killed by her own uncle. With her kingdom at war with another kingdom, saving her kind comes with a very steep price—she must befriend the prince of her enemy kingdom under disguise and kill him before anyone else has a chance to get hurt.


Written when I was fifteen years old, Retaliation takes place in a fantasy/sci-fi universe when the entire kingdom had been overthrown and only a handful of people are left who dare fight for what was lost. As heir to the throne, Ashe has to take it into her own hands to gain back what is rightfully hers with her closest friends by her side, even if that means risking her own life.

*Important to note that none of these books are published (with the exception of Retaliation), neither is the artwork mine.

**Also the excerpt blog posts are my own writing from other books that I’ve either written myself or been a co-author of.