Thomas Is Three Months Old!

What an adventure it has been over the last three months! From many sleepless nights to other very sleepful nights, from tears of sorrow to smiles of joy, I’ve experienced it all. I’ve been there crying with my sweet boy as he cries because of a fever. Or smiling because his laughter is so contagious. Having my own son has opened me up to a love so deep that I didn’t know could exist.

baby thomas2

Thomas has grown so much in three months! I have yet to weigh and measure him, but just one month ago, he was 25 inches and 14 pounds! I can’t believe how much he has grown! I can hardly believe it. He’s definitely not my little newborn anymore.

Unfortunately, something we discovered is that Tommy is deathly allergic to dairy. I gave him the tiniest sliver of ice cream and not too long after, his throat swelled up and he was having a hard time breathing and swallowing. Scariest moment of my life! I was terrified beyond belief. Thankfully, he recovered in about 30 minutes. That’s the last time he’ll ever get dairy from me…


Some of Thomas’s favorite things:

  • Burping extremely loudly in church during the prayer
  • Laughing and squealing when mom tickles him
  • Watching his dragon show (How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Mimicking face expressions as he’s trying to talk (he thinks he’s smart)
  • Getting excited when daddy comes home from work

What an adventure full of laughter, giggles, smiles, and tons and tons of love! I can’t even begin to express how much I love this little guy!

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