Wonder Woman Movie Review

I’m fangirling as I’m writing this. What can I say? I LOVED the movie Wonder Woman.  Did I expect to love it so much? No. In fact, I expected it to be just about as good as Superman, Batman, Batman vs. Superman, etc.

I liked Superman to a certain point–when buildings started to come crashing down for about half the movie. That meant that only half the movie (the first half) was worth watching to me. After that, I didn’t even have to watch to know what was going on. Buildings were coming down, Superman was being thrown two miles each time he got punched, and more buildings got destroyed. I’m more into the story of a movie and not all about the action.

The same thing goes for Batman. The movie was great but way too many fighting scenes. Unless they can make fighting scenes like you find in Daredevil (<3 ❤ ❤ best vigilante EVER, a MUST-SEE), I’m not very interested in watching them.

And then there’s Wonder Woman. There’s so much story to it! And the action scenes are unique. The story keeps me guessing the whole time about who Ares might be and on top of that, I LOVED Wonder Woman’s naive but straightforward and honest personality.


Now I can’t mention Wonder Woman without mentioning Gal Gadot. She’s BEAUTIFUL! So perfect for the role. And did I mention she can sing, too?

Spiderman used to be my favorite superhero but now Wonder Woman might knock him right off his pedestal. I hope that Spiderman: Homecoming might change my mind! Then I’ll just have a favorite Marvel superhero and a favorite DC superhero.

No matter your gender, Wonder Woman is a great movie to see. Really, I didn’t see the movie as empowering feminism. I saw it as a great movie worthy of watching. So if you haven’t seen it yet, then go see it!

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie Review

Let’s talk about this movie for a sec.

First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Disney movies, especially when there are princesses involved. When the live action Cinderella movie came out, I loved it so much that I felt so floaty and happy after I came out of the theater. The casting was perfect. The story was perfect. Even the twists that weren’t in the animated film were perfect. So it makes me disappointed to say that I definitely did not have these same thoughts and reactions to Beauty and the Beast live action. Why?

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