It Started as a Dream

Some of the best ideas end up coming from dreams. In fact, the very first book I ever wrote when I was 12 years old came to me as a dream. I wanted to write that dream down so I wouldn’t forget, and that turned into a novel.

Well, the same thing happened just a few weeks ago when I dreamed about a world with the gifted living among regular humans. Could this idea turn into something? It definitely did!


I wrote with the purpose of recording my dream, but it turned into something more and now I’m about 120 pages in just a few weeks later. Of course, Oracle is told from two perspectives—Laila and Andrew—and Laila is the only only seer that has ever lived since the second inhuman was created thousands of years ago.

Laila constantly sees a war between the humans and inhumans and does everything in her power to stop it. No matter what she tries to do differently, the war always happens. The only future she could see the war not happening was if she married the crown prince, Andrew Wellington. There’s only one problem—they hate each other.

Unfortunately, there was one obstacle that no one foresaw, not even Laila. The rebel inhumans found themselves a new leader, and that leader plans on unleashing a formidable darkness that could wipe out every human and unloyal inhuman off the face of the planet. Laila finds that her role as the oracle runs much deeper than just stopping a war.

the oracle

I’m still debating on whether to give this a happy ending or a bittersweet ending. I guess we’ll see where the story takes me? After all, the story always ends up writing itself whether or not I try to coax it in a certain direction. Book cover coming soon!

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