It Started as a Dream

Some of the best ideas end up coming from dreams. In fact, the very first book I ever wrote when I was 12 years old came to me as a dream. I wanted to write that dream down so I wouldn’t forget, and that turned into a novel.

Well, the same thing happened just a few weeks ago when I dreamed about a world with the gifted living among regular humans. Could this idea turn into something? It definitely did!


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Russian Mob Chapter Excerpt from Double Crossed

double crossed cover

“I spent twelve years trying to groom you into the perfect heir!” Blaine shouted at Sophie, hitting her hard across the face. She cradled her jaw, meeting Blaine’s gaze with fearful eyes. “What will it take for you to follow directions? You’ve given me no reason why I should trust you as the next leader.” He clenched his fists as if he were going for another attack, but he didn’t. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t denounce you as my heir?”

She couldn’t. Actually, she didn’t even want to be his heir. She wanted to go home, wherever home was. The only home she could think of was in Matt’s arms.

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Spy Chapter Excerpt from Insurgent


insurgent book cover

This could not be happening.

Johnny couldn’t get back to Colorado fast enough the moment he heard from Scott that they managed to get information out of one of the five men they had captured. Ever since his activity in Berlin when he had been shot, the Schrecken had been searching for information on Johnny and they finally found it. That mixed with the fact that Johnny had just helped bring five more of them down, there would be no doubt that the Schrecken’s next target would be in Monte Vista.

“Drive faster!” Johnny groaned, his head in his hands. He could not sit still for the life of him.

“You know what, punk?” Scott growled, his lip curling in a snarl. “Why don’t you drive next time and I’ll make the phone calls? Maybe I’d actually be able to reach someone.”

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