Chapter Excerpt from Brotherhood: Princess and Werewolf

brotherhood book cover

As much as Amy wanted to defy Geric’s advice to run, she knew she couldn’t. No matter what happened tonight, Colmar would always need an heir, so running was the only thing she could do.

Amy ran as fast as she could, only looking back once as she saw the fighting commence. They were no longer outnumbered, but Minnings had surprise on their side. They should have seen it coming. Of course Charles would never give up. He’d take down his whole entire army before he ever admitted defeat. Even until his very dying breath he wouldn’t put down his pride and surrender.

She spotted her father’s war horse tied up at the other side of the camp and ran with even more vigor than she had ever run before. Freedom was in sight.

The horse nickered nervously as she untied the reins and hopped on its back without a saddle. There was no time to stop for a saddle. If she stopped for a second, Minnings’ soldiers might cut her down where she stood.

Quickly, Amy turned the horse around and was about to kick its flanks to escape when something shot toward her, slamming into her chest. Her whole body disobeyed her, her hands slipping on the reins, her muscles relaxing, and before she knew what happened, she began to slide precariously to one side. The ground hit her hard, jostling her back to reality as a piercing scream erupted from her mouth. What just happened? Why did everything hurt?

Her breathing came fast and labored as she glanced down at her chest, and to her horror, she found an arrow protruding from her skin.

Amy took a hold of the arrow to try and get it out, but she only shrieked with pain, black dots dancing at the edges of her vision. The arrow was too deep to remove. She was going to die.

“Well well well,” a familiar sneering voice said, and even though she couldn’t see his face through her blurring vision, she knew it was Charles. Suddenly it all became too clear. He had been watching and waiting. This surprise ambush had been meant for her.

“Charles,” Amy gasped, but then grimaced with the pain. Hot, sticky blood dripped from the corner of her mouth, and it felt harder and harder to stay conscious. She fell backwards onto her back and would have screamed with the pain if her voice would come out. Nothing.

“You had a very clever trick up your sleeve, Princess” he sneered, taking a hold of the arrow in her chest and digging it in even further, causing her to let out a gurgling scream. More blood trailed from her mouth. It dripped down her chin and soaked the front of her dress. “I would never have guessed you of all people could round up an army of werewolves to fight for you. I would have won. If it wasn’t for you, I would have won. But this isn’t over. I will be back with an even bigger army than the one I have today and I…will…crush…Colmar.”

Charles’ next words were drowned out by the ringing in Amy’s ears. Everything was fading so quickly—her voice, the sounds, the stars. Slowly slowly slowly the stars flickered out one by one, leaving nothing but darkness in their wake. The last thing that Amy was aware of was a loud growl and a flicker of white fur before she let out one final breath and everything faded to black.

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