Scorpion Squad Is Getting Another Add-On!

The Scorpion Squad is getting another book added onto the series! Scorpion Strike is about a Navy SEAL named Noah and his adventures with a mission gone wrong. He ends up getting shot, falls out of a helicopter with a medic named Kirsten, and they are forced to hide from their enemies in the jungles of Columbia.

scorpion strike book cover

You guessed it! Love blossoms between these two, but when Noah forces Kirsten to kill two men for the sake of the mission and to save both of their own lives, they find that perhaps their love isn’t as strong as they thought it was. Now onto the second book in the series! This is also about Noah and Kirsten taking on the same enemies in the last book with SEAL Team Eight, consisting of Commander Ethan Turner, Noah Cole, Derek Hunter, Michael Wagner, Jared Samuelson, and Jake Weston.

desolate book cover

Their mission is to cease one of the largest weapons smuggling operations they had ever seen before. But because the last team of Navy soldiers all died horrendous deaths the first time this issue was looked into, SEAL Team Eight has to be extremely careful in how they approach the situation. They end up having to team up with the CIA to get this taken care of.

Like many stories, things didn’t go quite as planned and they get captured and the only way Noah can think to free them is to sacrifice himself.

When he gets electrocuted and his heart stops, is he really dead? His team thinks so and leaves him behind to save themselves. Now, I won’t reveal more than that, so onto the next book in the series! This one isn’t about Noah, but another recruit that joins SEAL Team Eight named Sam Crowther who had recently transferred from another team.

black ops book cover

But don’t be fooled. This story isn’t about Navy SEAL Sam Crowther, but of the girl he’s been crushing on since the moment he laid eyes on her, a CIA ethical hacker named Alex Winters.

Alex Winters is beauty and brains all in one package, but she doesn’t care for dating. In reality, she has one goal and one goal only—to save her brother, Braden Winters, wherever he might be. As one of the best snipers in his division in the army, Braden was sent on a mission to the middle east and never returned. The government claimed he was dead, but Alex doesn’t believe it which is why she’s spent the better part of two years using her resources at the CIA to track him down. 

As a man completely head over heels for Alex, Sam makes Braden’s disappearance his problem, too. But by looking into it, they got more than they bargained for. The file on Braden was heavily redacted, but with Alex’s hacking skills, she found out that Braden had been sent on a black ops mission to Syria and he was being held there as a prisoner of war, at least until the United States met their captors’ demands.

With a threat of a nuclear war as well as a threat of the death of her brother, Alex ignores Sam’s warnings and travels to Syria with only herself and another CIA agent, and when the Scorpion Squad finds out, they can’t let her go about it alone.

They end up finding Braden Winters and the rest of his team that had been captured, but Braden isn’t the person that Alex remembers. He is literally a skeleton of his former self, both emotionally and physically.

Does the story about Braden Winters sound familiar? The book is on! But here is a rundown of the story if you haven’t heard of it before.

solitude book cover

Braden Winters is doing his best to remember what it means to be a free human being again. After two years of being held as a prisoner of war in Syria, he has bad PTSD and even worse nightmares. To aid in his self-rediscovery, he decides to travel the continent by himself in hopes of finding a place where he fits. Well, he found it in Mobile, Alabama and it all started with a baseball game.

Josephine is the most untouchable of all women, and to Braden’s luck, he falls for her the first time he looked into her eyes. With an overly protective boyfriend and a father who wants her to marry a rich man rather than a poor soldier, weaseling himself into her life isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, love always finds a way, and in this instance, Braden never stops trying.

Wait for Me

Okay, now that we’ve gone over all the books currently connected to the Scorpion Squad, I’m excited to announce the next book in the series! Wait for Me.

bella thornedavid beckham

Rewind years back when Michael Wagner just barely graduated as a Navy SEAL and he meets his future wife for the very first time. Unfortunately, Quinn Dixon isn’t quite as cooperative as he wished she was. As an ex-actress and model that just moved from Hollywood and relocated to New Hampshire, Quinn isn’t interested in getting involved with guys at this point in time.

Fortunately, Michael is persistent and whether or not she likes it, he manages to weasel his way into her heart.

Finally, she lets him in and they make love, but to her horror, only the day after, he gets a call from his commander who is deploying him ASAP to a location that not even she is allowed to know.

They decide to stay in contact while he’s gone, but Quinn is faced with another unfortunate reality—she’s pregnant. With his child. And he’s deployed. He doesn’t know about it. And she decides not to tell him with the fear that he might leave her if he did find out.

wait for me book cover

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