Excerpt from Crimson Sky: MI6 Agent and CIA Agent


crimson sky cover

Little Bird, do you come in?”

Skye had to do all she could not to snicker as Agent White’s voice came through her earpiece. She knew it made sense to use codenames, but she honestly only ever thought they did that in movies.

“Copy that, Big Bird,” Skye answered with a straight face, wary of all the people filing into the stadium all around her. She craned her neck to peer into the stadium where the soccer match was in its first quarter. 0-1. Manchester already scored a goal. Talk about dumb luck. There was no way they were going to win. Liverpool had this game in the bag.

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Chapter Excerpt from Brotherhood: Princess and Werewolf

brotherhood book cover

As much as Amy wanted to defy Geric’s advice to run, she knew she couldn’t. No matter what happened tonight, Colmar would always need an heir, so running was the only thing she could do.

Amy ran as fast as she could, only looking back once as she saw the fighting commence. They were no longer outnumbered, but Minnings had surprise on their side. They should have seen it coming. Of course Charles would never give up. He’d take down his whole entire army before he ever admitted defeat. Even until his very dying breath he wouldn’t put down his pride and surrender.

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Excerpt from Freefall: Detective and High School Sweetheart

free fall

The first thing that Phoebe felt aware of was a blinding headache. Her mind spun and spun and spun while a loud pounding sounded in her ears. But that’s when the cold set in. Freezing. Cold. Everything.

She attempted to open her eyes, but all she could make sense of was a light that appeared to be the beginning of dawn, and everything else looked blurry.

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Chapter Excerpt from Alias: A Book About Spies

book cover

“Steady does it,” Isabel whispered to herself as she carefully coaxed the metal piece into place by using a machine with controls that reminded her a lot of claw prize machines at the arcade. “Steady does it.”

The piece clicked into place and she let out a sigh of relief. This had been her tenth try to make this work correctly, and it refused until now. The only thing she feared at this point was it breaking again. Whoever made the patent for this…

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Chapter Excerpt: Prince of Denmark

emboite book cover

The outside world looked so beautiful and green and sunny. Lush green trees swayed in the gentle breeze. Soft, lazy clouds drifted by against the background of a perfect blue sky. And beyond these prison bars—er, palace walls—lay a beautiful city with beautiful people and wonderful things to do and to explore. Colorful buildings waited enticingly to be wandered. Boats both large and small yearned to be investigated. And most of all, pristine blue waters sparkled coaxingly, almost as if they were posing a challenge.

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