Excerpt from Pulse: Agent Harris Risks His Life

pulse book cover

Through Keller’s amazing tracking efforts, they found out that Princess Karina and Gabby were being held in two separate locations, putting a damper on Johnny’s plan immediately. He hadn’t expected that to happen, but he had to adjust to it nonetheless. But the most important thing was that he hurry. Who knew what would happen to either one of them if he didn’t make a move soon?

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Excerpt from Asset-Russian Spy

asset book cover

“So… I’m curious…” Meg started as she glanced over at him in the car. “Why were your parents so surprised that you had a date at the gala? Wouldn’t someone like you have women constantly vying for your attention?”

Even though he sensed humor in her voice, his shoulders shrugged noncommittally. “I don’t like to date anymore. I prefer to stay away from the dating scene as much as I possibly can.” That was more information than he really wanted to give her, but if she started to wonder why he decided to not ask her out again, that was why. He wasn’t interested in getting involved with anyone because all it usually led to was a broken heart.

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Excerpt from Witch of the Wiles

witch of the wiles

The clinking of silverware and hearty laughter echoed around the corners of the hallway, signaling that James and Genevieve were already late to the dinner party. His father, Julius, had invited wealthy nobles from all over the country, or in other words, wealthy politicians. James had been born into the world of politics and he was immersed in it every single day of his life. It had been his fate since he had been a young lad to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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