Review of When by Victoria Laurie


When by Victoria Laurie is a book I found randomly on the bookshelf at the library. The cover immediately caught my attention, and when I read the book jacket for the synopsis, I decided I had to check it out and see if the book would continue to hold my attention. It definitely did.

I really loved the idea behind the book and the originality of the subject. Maddie Fynn can tell when people are going to die just by looking at them. What a great idea for a book!

Despite the great idea, however, I feel as if the romance could have spun out a little longer/ flushed out a bit more because it made the ending not quite as substantial as it could have been. On top of that, there are many visits and interactions between Maddie and her uncle that didn’t need to be there, providing unnecessary fluff where it didn’t need to be. That fluff didn’t do much for the story and those excess pages could have been used for something that actually mattered and helped move the story along a bit better. The main character was painted as completely helpless and I didn’t particularly like that.

Other than those couple of things I didn’t like about the book, I really enjoyed the overall idea and plot of the novel. I definitely love a book that can get me thinking.

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