Top 10 Books of 2016

The top books category of any genre is always subjective, especially when you break those categories down into interest, genre, age group, and subject. Can there really be a top ten books of 2016? According to New York Times, here are the top ten books of the year:

The Association of Small Bombs By Karan Mahajan

book title

The North Water By Ian McGuire

North Water

The Underground Railroad By Colson Whitehead

Underground Railroad

The Vegetarian by By Han Kang. Translated by Deborah Smith

the vegetarian

War and Turpentine By Stefan Hertmans. Translated by David McKay

war and turpentine

At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails By Sarah Bakewell

book title

the return

Admittedly, I haven’t read all of these books but now that they’re claimed to be at the top for 2016, I have to find out why. I better get reading!

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