Review of The Crown by Kiera Cass


The Bachelorette meets medieval/dystopian times in the Kiera Cass Selection series, The Crown being the last book in a two-part series. Although I wasn’t particularly fond of The Heir mainly because of the main character, Eadlyn, I found that I really liked this book! And the ending!! No, I won’t spoil anything, but I must say that I did NOT see that coming but I absolutely loved it! It was a little bit of a tear jerker too.

While Eadlyn came off as distant, cold, and not particularly friendly in the first book, she made a stunning transformation in this second book when she realized that her life wasn’t just about her.

In the first book, I had been rooting for Henri the entire time. What an adorable guy! So sweet and caring, and he puts a lot of effort into getting to know Eadlyn despite his obvious language barriers. However, I started pining for Erik in The Crown. Admittedly, in the first book I imagined Erik to be short, olderish, balding, and a round face, so I had to completely reimagine him in the second book when he became a potential love interest.

Despite some of the plot holes and things I would have had be different or expanded upon, I really liked this book and the ending just about sealed the deal. Beautiful books covers and a great idea behind it, The Selection Series should definitely be given a chance.


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